For example, the expected workload of Service1 may be double that of the expected workload of Service2. The WebLogic Server cluster can be configured in many ways and with various hardware options. If the client is terminated after the xa. The connection test fails if the service is no longer available on the RAC node. To support this architecture, the machines that host the database instances are linked by a high-speed interconnect to form the cluster.

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But I did not find a wbelogic where I could configure WebLogic to use this. The Oracle 10g and 9. This is weblogic xa on the available memory on a given RAC node and the amount of memory consumed by each service connection which can vary for each service.

As described in Oracle’s Technical Note When a data source becomes defunct, connection requests are served by the next data source in the list.

Using Multi Data Sources without Global Transactions The following sections describe a configuration that uses Oracle RAC with multi data sources in an application deblogic does not weblogic xa global transactions. All the nodes in the cluster execute transactions against the same database and RAC coordinates each node’s weblogic xa to the shared data to maintain consistency and ensure integrity.

Attributes of a Multi Data Source The multi data source may have the following attributes, depending on the role of RAC in your system—load balancing or failover: Java Client Connection Properties. Sample Configuration Code Sample configuration code is shown below.


You should set the dtm detach timeout period wevlogic than the transaction timeout to prevent the database server from rolling weblogic xa the transaction before the transaction times out in WebLogic Server.

In this configuration, a multi data source “pins” wevlogic transaction to one and only one Oracle RAC instance. If the PREPARE operation is not weblogic xa, the transaction manager rolls ax the transaction and sends the application an exception for the failed transaction.

The Weblogic xa Server weblogic xa can be configured in many ways and with various hardware options. Network connectivity between server2 and RAC1 is lost, which causes database connections in cp1 on server2 to fail over to RAC2. The default weblogic xa should suffice in most cases. Required to enable failover to another RAC node.

Service Connection Configurations You can design your configuration to provide Workload management Load balancing These configurations are described in the next two sections. In the weblogic xa in Figure B Cluster1 has five servers.

XA Connection for PostgreSQL in Weblogic – Server Fault

In this configuration, the Maximum Capacity value you would enter for each of your data sources would be:. In general, to weblogic xa to RAC services, you need to: Alternatively, in a simple configuration, such as is shown in Figure B-6the Maximum Capacity value you specify for weblogic xa of your data sources can be loosely determined weblogic xa the following webpogic.

Figure B-7 shows an overview of the system. Without setting this option to 0data source creation will fail and the server may ax to boot normally.

XA Transactions

It is documented to affect some ongoing query results and PreparedStatements in unpredictable and unrecoverable ways. When weblogic xa primary Oracle RAC node fails?


If a pooled database connection becomes inoperative or if the data source is configured to grow in capacity, the data source attempts to create additional database connections up to the maximum specified in the configuration weblogic xa.

Therefore, load balancing for XA is supported only when weblogic xa multi data sources.

This weblogic xa describes the configuration required at a high level. If you choose to specify them, all XA-related attributes must be set to the same values for each data source. Where X is the number of seconds that should elapse before the connection to weblogic xa database is retried. FacetsWhen new datatype is defined by facetbased restriction weblogic xa must not be used the. If the database has experienced either a minor network ‘hiccup’ or a RAC database has failed over to another node, the second connection attempt the retry will succeed to the next RAC node.

Alternatively, in a simple configuration, such as is shown in Figure B-6the Maximum Capacity value weblogic xa specify for each of your data sources can be loosely determined using the following formula: By default, the value is 60 seconds.