I think you have tried out almost everything, sorry we can’t help you anymore. I’d suggest get a decent quite one. I connect speaker but i can’t hear a beep. I’ve just checked the CPU support list. I think my board maybe no good.

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How about the D-Bracket? I getting power to everything motherboard ,cpu, CPU fan and psu and case fan. I have change video card trying msi pm8m2-v vga and pci. I decided to take it all apart msi pm8m2-v vga and put back vgw one more time. I have taken out the battery and let it stay out over 5 hrs still nothing. OK, good, the CPU is supported.

It doesn’t have built-in speaker.

Well I finally got a post out this thing. When you say “nothing happened”, does the fan even try to spin? I had to wipe some of it off because it was smudged all over the heat sink when I took msi pm8m2-v vga off the cpu. I havnt changed the system at all so I dont think its a hardware problem. Home Help Search Login Register.


Is the connection correct? Check for shortings as well.

Msi Pm8M2 V Vga Driver

I just look at the va picture from the website. I just wipe basically the edges off do you think I should get msi pm8m2-v vga pm8m2-g because it looks to be thinned out msi pm8m2-v vga, Or could it dry up. This is a value board I’m afraid it doesn’t have built-in speaker Tried every thing ,different video cards,taking it all apart and check all the hardware.

Apart from getting the power supply, you can also try borrowing some RAMs and swapping them into the system.

I’ve just checked the CPU support list. Clear cmos and minimize the system only leave cpu, msi pm8m2-v vga fan,VGA, memory on the mainboard to check whether it could boot normally. ANy help would be great. Not plug your entertainment speaker from the back-panel.

That is the main power for the CPU chip only. When I turn on the led of HDD and Power led start, fans start too but on my monitor i can’t see nothing and the system is like stopped If still no beep, msi pm8m2-v vga a more powerful PSU.



I’m asking this just to remind you to check every connections is OK, especially the ATX12V must msi pm8m2-v vga plugged to the motherboard as well. I guess I think that something magical is going to happen if I keep trying and it will msi pm8m2-v vga. Did you plug in the PowerSwitch connector of your casing to the board? What’s your system specs? Did the fans spin when you switch on the system?

What exactly is your CPU? If yes, what’s the D-Bracket status? Well, I made the same mistake before: Good luck with any future board you p8m2-v I’m having the same problem here,same board,but different cpu, p4 2. Msi pm8m2-v vga login or register.