I made a adapter plate from wood. Click for the specifications on this driver. There’s a large plastic “bubble” on the bottom that you can remove to make it much closer to the size of the original Jensen. Addendum Hammond-Suzuki currently uses a watt ferro-fluid cooled driver in their new-production Leslies. Failed drivers can be shipped in for repair, exchanged for rebuilt units, or rebuilt units can be purchased outright. With a rated frequency response of – 3, Hz, this driver still produces db at 6, Hz, the upper limit of the Hammond tonewheel generator.

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It was easy to reassemble the driver and to center the coil.

However, Scott Hawthorn says:. They won’t mount directly onto older spindle plates though.

The compression drivers that are normally used to replace the stock unit have a 1-inch throat diameter, with either a threaded or bolt-on mount. This resistance won’nt affect the sound in a noticeable way. A stock V treble driver is another matter jensen v21. One thing that is said to approximate jensen v21 stock driver pretty well is to use the driver currently being sold in new Leslies.

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I have it on good jenswn that they suck. I made really good experience by using a hifi-midrange dome driver as replacement for the jensen V If you just gotta have a stock woofer, then you ought to have no trouble obtaining a reconed Jensen v21 or C15 Jensen v21. More Info on Jnsen Fluid Driver John Mihevic I jensen v21 the first versions of the ferro-fluid driver had a treble response that was too brilliant and piercing.


Rebuilt drivers have new diaphragms and mounting gaskets installed; as far as I know we are the only shop that has new gaskets – these are very important for positioning the voice coil within the gap. Drivers Number of Items found: Uses the existing spindle; includes mounting hardware and jensen v21 spacer jensen v21. Unfortunately, the stock drivers are no longer available new. I have not heard one of the units – but Dave is a Hammond long time Hammond man and has done my road case work for years.

Replica of the original spindle and horn bearing used in the horn rotors on many Leslie speaker models. Current production metal thrust washer for old style spindle jensen v21. Bolts on to the Leslie driver baffle via the existing driver mounting holes. Rubber washer used to seal the bottom of the Leslie horn spindle to the driver.

The percussion is outstanding with a crisp clean bite. It’s realy a second life for this older Jensen driver and I’m happy jenzen keep a vintage driver in jensen v21 Leslie. The result is a very pleasant tremolo or direct treble if the motor is off.


These will jejsen an jensen v21 to allow their use with the treble horn assembly. Don’t fret though, there are some good alternatives. The latest version is much improved with a more omnidirectional pleasing jensen v21 that is still a little brighter the Jensen V Reproduction of the fibre spacer ring used with Jensen V and Atlas SA drivers, original Jensen v21 part numbers early or later.

Kit includes six gaskets. Includes horn jensen v21 screws. With a rated frequency response of – 4, Hz, this driver still produces db at 6, Hz, the upper uensen of the Hammond tonewheel generator. Topic RepairTopic Modification.

Click for jensen v21 specifications on this driver. Replacements for the three grommets mounted on vintage and modern day spindle plates.

HammondWiki – Leslie Driver Replacement

These are jehsen to be fairly bulletproof, and to sound very good. Not all six may be required for your installation due to manufacturing differences and tolerance changes over the jensen v21 long production history.

Made from the same fiber material as the original gaskets.