At this point, the rollers will start to turn. Print Quality or Appearance. For Mac OS 8. So I downloaded a new version of the Print CD software version 2. A great workaround for a very annoying problem. Did this work for you, or do you have any other tips to share? The pressing the paper load button tip was helpful, I’m printing multiple CDs for my band and it was cumbersome to go through the print command steps over and over.

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A great workaround for a very annoying problem. My printout has incorrect margins. What’s New in the Forums? My only real complaint with DiskLabel is that graphic fonts are substituted and Text Objects are difficult to work with since the epson r200 print cd requires clicking on the text itself rather than the object area.

Make your gloves touchscreen friendly Apple? You will need to go to this Epson website https: Sometimes the paper doesn’t eject all pfint way or is wrinkled.

Contact with Epson support has not solved the issue. It will travel all the way to the left epson r200 print cd the printer, pause, then return to the right.

Slightly off topic, but has anyone messed with the Bluetooth adapter for these printers? If the ink smears, adjust the color saturation. Select the questions to view the answers Heavy coated or thick paper does not epson r200 print cd correctly or loads skewed. Windows 10 bit Windows 10 bit Dc 8.


This might not solve the problem you’re having but it may be worth trying. My printout has lines running through it.

Select None as the Test Print Pattern setting. Open the paper support, then slide out the pront. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction it was doing my head in. Select Fine-tune Print Position from the File menu. Cheers for the input, with Win 10 prin drivers are automatically there for my Epson R, but they do not install for the print CD utility, have tried going back as far as XP failed miserablyso I am open to all suggestions.

The latest version from Epson site did not work I hade to find my install disk with 2. This document contains updated product information which may not eppson been available at the time of product release. However, I’ve found the simplest solution is to position the tray correctly, go through the print dialogue epson r200 print cd wait for the head to start moving. Can’t recall epson r200 print cd I had to click OK or if it all happened automatically.


Struggling to print CD/DVD Solved – Windows 10 Forums

The tray will then feed out again until you can just see the edge of the white centre registration mark. For Mac OS X Printing the print position check pattern First print the print position check epson r200 print cd for checking the print gap.

Select A4 as the Paper Size. Making the Basic settings Select Print from the File menu.

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Choose your printer port. Build the image you want to print on the disc in the Epson Print CD program. When printing a CD there needs to be a clear space of at least 6 inches at the rear of the printer. Disconnect the printer from the PC. There epson r200 print cd numerous solutions on the web, including sanding the bottom of the tray and extending epson r200 print cd tabs by sticking tape on them. My product won’t feed paper. How satisfied are you with this reply?

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