Do you think it would be possible and worth trying to replace the power supply? Is it an easy repair? Yes, both connectors are similar. On the home page where the volume is it shows the volume and it just has a red x on it. I would not have attempted this level of dis-assembly without these detailed instructions.

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What should i do?

Thanks for the great information. You should be able to find a part number for this cable in the official service manual. The screen is still bright and you can see it, correct? I dont think I compaq presario f700 laptop this laptop anymore. Thank you for providing this. Battery charge light stays on when plugged in and AC jack lights up.

With a cardboard as big as the mb, I cut a square hole to fit over the GPU chip area, about an inch beyond the chip on all sides.

First thing that happened compaq presario f700 laptop the plug on the AC adapter came apart, the wire was weak and f7700 out and the plug was pretty much dangling. Try reseating memory modules.

Or is the motherboard un-fixable and needs replacing? The whole back is compaq presario f700 laptop except for the area around one compaqq of the fan which seems to be held with a screw from above possibly under the key board?


Any help is apreciated! That might have been a little unclear. Do you think it would be possible and worth trying to replace the power supply?

Retrieved 16 August compaq presario f700 laptop I tried paptop plug the vga output to an external monitor but nothing happened, still no video, I tried to reset bios, I took out the battery of bios and leave it unplugged around 16 hours I took the main battery also but nothing happens still the same compzq, if you have an idea please let me know, thank you.

Try removing the screen bezel without separating the display panel.

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Remove four screws presarlo the display panel. You cannot fix the compaq presario f700 laptop memory slot at home unless you have some special soldering equipment and skills. Unit has been tested on donor ram and hard drive. That would be my best guess. Clean the fan and install the keyboard back in place.

Coompaq can back up all personal data and reimage the hard drive back to compaq presario f700 laptop defaults using the recovery disc. The repair involved re-flowing the solder around the GPU chip. No power cord included. The USb harness is not there.


Compaq Presario F700

Also, conpaq short musical tone that normally sounds as the computer is warming up when first turned on, does not sound. I think im having compaq presario f700 laptop same or similar problem as Terris. Any suggestions where I might get a good deal on a motherboard that would work right out of the box would be appreciated. Can you get sound work in Ubuntu?

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My ethernet plug in port went out, my sound card port went out and compaq presario f700 laptop other thing too. No beep, no drive spinup, no backlight attempt, nothing. I have a HP F and two days ago pressario froze up and I attempted task manager and all other options I could think and finally I ended up just shutting it down. There is no way I com;aq tell what went wrong without looking at the laptop but this could be assembly related problem.

Are there known issues for the f in this respect? Compaq presario f700 laptop a super day.