Now, I don’t use Slackware, so I might be missing something, and if so no doubts someone with more experience than I will give you more information. Dell wants to test the Mac before letting me have any drivers? Installing the Package offline 4. August 27, at It involves some command line usage but believe me it’s worth it. Does this problem occur with the latest version of Ubuntu? Did this problem not occur in a previous release?

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July 30, at 8: Knowing what Broadcom Wireless Card you have There are dozens of Broadcom wireless cards broadcom 4311 linux more seem to appear every day. Will now run Ubuntu properly, and Linux Mint from a usb flash drive.

How to enable broadcom wireless BCM card on Linux Mint 11 | Ivan Doskovic’s blog

Then pinux broadcom 4311 linux file I was getting error messages in the terminal about not being able to save, but it actually did save properly. I read that this will be of no use with BCM If so, which one s specifically?

There should be directions telling you what to do with the firmware linhx results. The firmware you end up with only works in linux.

Hi, The module will utilize the firmware for the hardware. For more granular support information, please see bradcom wiki page here. Look at broadcom 4311 linux instructions; https: Then you probably are lacking the firmware for the broadcom card. Firmware from userspace is required for device operation. In this case it broadcom 4311 linux that you do not want to blacklist b43 and sbb modules.


BB code is On. Now it’s working wirelessly.

[SOLVED] Broadcom BCM and Slackware

But no light on the wireless button and ifconfig -a only shows eth0 and lo. Lunux broadcom 4311 linux tell me computers operate using logic would seem to dictate that the firmware would have to be stripped and then the new broadcom 4311 linux added. But this time, my connections began to become laggy after a few minutes and so I tried your solution from above.

I enabled the ATI Raedon driver first then the Broadcom driver this linuz to the errors mentioned above. As this driver is closed source, fixes in broadcom 4311 linux driver itself may only be provided by Broadcom.

Also, the open source b43 should already be included with your install, unlike the proprietary wl driver. Unfortunatelly it doesn’t work for me. Typical examples of devices containing firmware are embedded systems such as traffic lights, consumer appliances, remote controls and digital watchescomputers, computer peripherals, broadcom 4311 linux phonesand digital cameras.

After you find in the list broadcom 4311 linux the correct package we then proceed with the installation. This will install all packages in that folder. When satisfied, the relevant Broadcom proprietary driver will be acquired, the firmware within will be extracted and installed.


How to enable broadcom wireless BCM4311 card on Linux Mint 11

So what you will need after this search is: You must go to http: We actually ended up trying the last command: I miss the easy install of drivers under windows but it is time to say “adios” to Microsoft.

Sadly does not work for me. Preparing broadcom 4311 linux System If you have just installed Ubuntu, you will need to build an index of available packages before we can install your driver if you have broadcom 4311 linux done so already: Make sure broadcom 4311 linux have the linux-headers package that matches your current 44311 version, plus the appropriate generic broadco packages so that they are automatically updated on brladcom kernel upgrade.

After you’ve uninstalled bfwcutter reboot your computer. Remove everything of STA that you have sudo apt-get purge bcmwl-kernel-source broadcom-sta-common broadcom-sta-source Install that again manually: